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There has never been a time in modern hairdressing when hair additions were more commonplace.  The options available today are incredibly versatile and customizable to the wearer's needs, lifestyle and hair type.  While I pride myself on keeping current with all the latest and conventional methods, I prefer an incredibly safe and effortlessly maintainable method called the invisible bead weft application. 

Not only is this method a safe approach for those with thin, thinning, or fragile hair, it's the only method I will recommend, as the framework for weft attachment is evenly balanced and greatly reduces the risk of tension damage, more commonly referred to as "traction alopecia".  Aside from getting used to the presence of a hair addition, there should be nothing uncomfortable about your wefts, from day one to day forty-one.


The customizable, durable micro-wefts on the market today are the evolved, hybrid version of their "hand-tied" predecessors.  The silicone-coated "seam" is thinner in profile than traditional hand-tied wefts--despite actually holding more hair--can be cut to whatever size needed, does not unravel or fray at the ends, and doesn't contain the itchy return (short hairs, typically referred to as the "mustache") as hand-tied wefts.  Below is an example of the different weft profilles:


Because this method is so versatile and customizable, the hair can easily be worn up or down, with a nearly invisible result.  It's suitable for all hair types, from thin to thick, curly or straight, and is comfortable throughout it's entire stage of growth, between maintenance appointments.  The balanced foundation ensures no part of the weft slips or shifts, thus creating additional tension or scalp irritation, from week one to week six.

Invisible bead weft

If you've ever been curious about extensions, have questions, or would like to have a face to face conversation (in-person or virtual), complementary consultations are always free and greatly encouraged.  I've dedicated nearly two decades of my career to education, product research, trial and error and personal wear of hair additions, so that I can deliver the best results attainable, for ALL hair types.  As someone who personally struggles with thin, fragile hair genetically, my goal is to provide my clients with the safest, most undetectable, user-friendly options available.  Please don't hesitate to reach out, any time!

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