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  • Where are you located?
    A Suite Salon is located on the northwest corner of Coit and Eldorado: 11990 Coit Rd, #100 Frisco, TX 75035 The salon is just north of Caliber Collision and CVS. My individual suite number is 26.
  • The front door of the building is locked. How do I get in?
    The salon is technically open 24/7, but for everyone's safety, our door is only unlocked M-F, 9am - 6pm, and locked on weekends. There's a silver callbox just to the left of the door--you'll enter my suite number, 26, hit the call button, and I will buzz you in. In the event I don't respond, please text or call me at 945-249-0863...blowdryers are loud sometimes!
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    Cash, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp (by Square) and checks with local ID.
  • Can I bring my child to my appointment?
    To be considerate of all salon tenants and their guests, I kindly request that you only bring a child to your appointment if they are scheduled for their own service. Please be aware, however, you are responsible for your child at all times. I do understand that unforeseen circumstances may require your child to accompany you to your appointment, but if it should interfere with completing your service within the time allotted, please reschedule for a time when you can enjoy your service undisturbed. I appreciate your understanding!
  • What is the minimum age to receive a color service?
    The minimum age to receive a color service is 12, with signed parental consent/waiver. I do not perform on-scalp, permanent color services on minors under 16 years old--only temporary colors and/or highlights. If the child's parent/guardian is not present at the time of service, a parental consent/waiver must be signed PRIOR TO services being rendered. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICES TO MINORS, DESPITE PARENTAL CONSENT, BASED ON EVALUATION OF THE CLIENT'S HAIR AND SCALP CONDITION, AND/OR ANY HEALTH OR LIFESTYLE SITUATIONS THAT COULD COMPLICATE THE SERVICE, OR CAUSE HARM.
  • When can I wash my hair, following a color service?
    I recommend waiting 24-48 hours before washing, to ensure your hair and scalp have returned to a more stable pH. This helps to preserve the longevity of your color, as the hair's cuticle needs time to return to a more neutral state. The scalp is one of the few acidic areas on the body. Using alkaline products to chemically alter the hair will temporarily raise the pH of the environment. This opens pores and can make the scalp sensitive to irritation, if harsh soaps and/or products are used prior to the scalp returning to it's normal acidic state. Please use caution with aggressive shampoos and swimming, for at least 24 hours.
  • Should my hair be clean or dirty for my color service?
    As a rule of thumb, a color application should be performed on freshly cleaned, dry hair, to ensure uniform uptake of color. Lightning (aka bleaching) services do not require freshly washed hair. However, if it's determined there is extensive product buildup or mineral deposits, a clarifying treatment may be required to ensure uniform/even lightning, and to avoid undesired chemical reactions to minerals (ie. well water, salts, potassium) or chlorine deposits.
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